Kamis, 22 November 2012


Commonly, car insurance premiums or auto insurance premiums rise year after year. But, you do not need to be worried because you still have a chance to get cheap car insurance in Illinois. Car insurance premium usually depends on your car and discounts you get. Besides, buying car insurance from the internet can be considered as one of the easiest ways to obtain car insurance. Today, many insurance companies offer a quite big discount for any online applications. It is because the process is automated and it is less expensive to process the application. Usually, we can get discounts from five to ten percent. There are some other alternatives you can take to stop the rise of your car insurance premium.
The first one is shopping around. Each car insurance company uses a different formula to calculate the insurance premium. There will be adding or detracting money to determine your premium cost. It is believed that by shopping around, you can find cheap car insurance much easier although you have to devote some time to do this. The second one is buying some extra products. Making a cheaper saving can be done by purchasing more than one product since most car insurance companies will give extra discounts for you. The third one is buying car insurance premium in one go. In order to avoid paying costly interest charge, you need to ensure that you pay the insurance in full. What is more, you may receive a discount when you pay in full. The fourth one is increasing your voluntary excess. The car insurance company or the insurer will reduce the premium when you increase the amount paid by you in the event of a claim. The fifth one is lowering your annual mileage. It is known that lowering annual mileage can result in reducing your premium. You can even get the info from Dept. of Insurance.
There are also several things you can do to reduce your car insurance premium. You need to have safety features such an alarm, a tracker fitted, or an immobilizer. In addition, you can take the advanced driving test to show to your car insurance company that you are expert or have an extra skill in driving. You will be also considered as less likely to be involved in an accident. Keeping a clean license is also required to stop the rise of your car insurance premium. Furthermore, you can also remove any unnecessary drivers.

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